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Refurbished Surgical Equipment Sales

Our mission is to be a unique resource for medical equipment and its related services. Our team of experienced, highly qualified professionals are available to provide medical equipment consulting and biomedical support. We provide our customers with a total package of quality products and services, and a commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

Medical Engineering offers a wide variety of used/refurbished equipment. To ensure customers satisfaction, we adhere to the highest quality standards and employ skilled biomedical engineers that refurbish each piece of equipment according to manufacturer specifications.

Leasing/Renting Equipment

Starting up and maintaining a medical practice, hospital or clinic can be extremely costly, and keeping up to date with technologies can be even more expensive. These are a few of the reasons leasing is such a smart, affordable alternative to purchasing when it comes to medical and office equipment. 

Sell Us Your Medical Equipment

Medical Engineering would like to purchase your pre-owned medical equipment and can offer a buy-back versus existing contracts or outright purchase.

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